November 02, 2019

5 Fall Outfits for a Casual Date

Lets take a minute to talk about one of the hardest things to go through... going on a date. Going on a date can be a roller coaster of emotions especially when figuring out what to wear. Figuring that out can often times make things worse. It's not a secret we all want to dress our best, but a casual date can always be a good option. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee or taking a visit to the nearest Ben and Jerry's for a strawberry ice cream on top of a sugar cone bowl (which honestly in my opinion sounds better than a 5 start restaurant ) can often time beat a fancy overrated date. Whether it be your first or tenth date it's okay to opt in for a comfy outfit that can still impress that special someone.

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Fall season naturally calls for sweater weather. Pairing your everyday jeans with an oversized sweater can help you stay warm while still looking chic. Adding accessories such as a black purse that could match with any color, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet or necklace could give the look its finishing touches. Booties are comfortable since the heals aren’t too high so if you’re going on a date where walking is going to take place, boots with heals may be a better option unless you’re a pro at walking in heals but let’s be honest most of us aren’t.


Simple Cardigans

Cardigans are like an open long version of a sweater. I have yet to meet someone who didn’t own one. Cardigans make an outfit comfortable but still give it an extra fancy look that a normal sweater can’t bring to the party. Let’s now talk shoes. Flats are completely acceptable to go on a date because once you get tired of those high heels that you made the mistake of bringing I guarantee you’ll regret not taking flats into consideration. Flats can be dressed up or down and can give you the luxury to walk as much without having to complain to your date that your feet hurt.


Lets Talk Jackets

In the fall the weather can really decide to act up and mess us up on what we choose to wear. But luckily that’s where jackets really come in for the save. Jackets can match with almost anything without taking over a look. You can pair a jacket with a shirt of your choice or even wear it with a sweater. Pairing it up with any choice of accessories can easily complete the look.

Turtle Necks

Turtle Necks

Turtle necks may seem like a shirt that may want to choke you but have no fear i promise they are only there for those of us who choose to keep our freezing necks cold (and yes our necks do get cold from time to time). Wearing a turtle neck could add a chic touch to your look if you choose to not add any accessories around your neck.


- H&M Turtle Neck

Business Casual

Business Casual

Let’s be honest most of us work during our daily life and sometimes we may not get off in time to rush home and change into something different or always have a spare outfit in our car waiting to be worn. A casual business outfit is definitely okay for a date. Matching a shirt with a blazer and your choice of heals can allow you to have the business casual look but also allow you to make it into a date night style.

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