March 11, 2020

Hanging with the Pros: Hair Stylist Lizzy Rose

A hair stylist determines whether or not you see daylight. Let's be real, getting your hair done isn't the easiest process that can be done. Every stylist has their own way of doing things and their knowledge on current fashion and products could either make or break a look. I had the pleasure of getting my hair done by Lizzy Rose in a salon called 8th & Main Hair Lounge located on 24355, 1/2 Main St, Newhall, CA 91321. I have also partnered with Lizzy to offer a 20% discount code using "The Lifestyle Diary" which hey who doesn't love a good discount!

Meet the Pro: Lizzy Rose

lizzy rose

Lizzy Rose (Instagram: lizzyrosegares) is a 20 year old gal who graduated from Paul Mitchell The School. She’s had her license since July 2019, which let me say with the amount of skill she already has, she really has a talent for the craft. Since July she has been given a chair at 8th & Main Hair Lounge to show her skills and bring a new hair creation to life. Lizzy is the youngest stylist in the salon and has learn to perfect her ways with hair in a very short period of time. I honestly think she was meant for this! She can do cuts, updos, styles, and any color on any type of hair. Although, she did share she enjoyed color the most since she could bring someones creation to life.

My Experience


I explained to Lizzy that I wanted to go back to blonde but I didn’t want my hair to be to damaged after the process. She took a look at my hair and gave me an in depth run through on what she could do and how she would do it. She advised she would give me a blonde look by putting a balyage color with baby lights and would tailor the exact colors to match my skin tone. She wanted to give my hair dimension, that way it didn’t just have a bland blonde look.

We started the process at about 10am and finished at about 3pm so the process was long BUT beauty takes sacrifice! She advised she would start by taking sections of my hair and put the product in that way in order to get the best results. This process took the most time since I have a lot of thick hair. The best advised she gave was to always be honest with your stylist in order to get the best results that way they are aware of what they’re dealing with, since everything contains different chemicals that would give different results if they’re not aware.

Once the full process was done my hair looked beautiful. She advised what I should do in order to keep it looking fresh and gave me a date to come back in order to replenish the color. She advised what products should be used in order to keep my hair healthy. After the process my hair felt healthy even though so many things had been done. It didn’t feel “dead” it still felt the hair had life which is what you want to see and feel after putting you hair through all the damaging process.

Overall I will remain a faithful client to Lizzy! She made my hair look beautiful and put a huge smile on my face. She knows her hair care and will only get better! She is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!

Salon Overview

8th and main salon

8th and Main Hair Lounge in Newhall CA is located in a cute outdoor shopping area. When you first walk into the salon you are greeted by everyone with a smile, which helps you feel welcomed. The space is super chic and just feels very open & comfortable. They offer you water, coffee, or tea which is such a sweet touch. All of the stylists make an effort to keep the salon clean and professional.

The salon offers a variety of vegan hair care products to keep your hair looking its best. The salon owners are really nice, they walk around to each station and make sure each customer is happy and satisfied. They also look at the end result to make sure you walk out looking your best after being taken care of. The salon also has a section of clothing, jewelry, and hair products so you can shop while getting your hair done which makes the lengthy processes feel just a bit better.

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