January 19, 2020

In a relationship, can age really just be a number?

Ever heard that phrase "age is just a number" when having a conversation about something? Let's take a second to ask ourselves this question...does age really matter? Some may say no and other may say yes. Well if you ask me, age really doesn't! Everyone deserves to be happy regardless of the age, race, color, or gender they may be. I once read an article where two people at the age of 90 and 93 found each other and fell in love, so yeah if they saw age didn't matter so can everyone else. What matters is the quality of the person. I once had to ask that same question to myself "Is age really just a number?" had I not put that thought aside and just given life a chance to guide me I would have never gotten married. So life lesson 101 just follow your heart because fate will never misguide you.

Can age really just be a number?

My Experience

At 19 I didn’t know what I wanted when it came to love. I hadn’t dated or been in a relationship in such a long time. I had forgotten how to flirt let alone, could I even remember what love felt like (Had I ever been in love before?). At 19 I was going to parties, hanging out with friends, and driving my red challenger which I named cherry beauty (how lame huh lol). One day I crossed paths with a young man and really hit things off. The question of “So how old are you?” came along and honestly I wasn’t thinking he would be a lot older than me but he said 25. In my head I’m thinking OKAY THATS WAY TO OLD FOR ME, I CANT BE WITH SOMEONE THAT OLDER THAN ME, and so forth. Point being the age really did freak me out and everyone surrounding me. My dad like any other dad wasn’t to particularly fond of me dating let alone someone older than me.

I don’t know about you but I come from a very opinionated family where EVERYONE has SOMETHING to say. Whether it be something positive or negative an opinion is always there. Well yeah me dating someone older wasn’t something the family liked. My dad knew from the moment I met my now husband he wanted someone to settle down with. Knowing how old I was how could my dad let that happen when I “still hadn’t enjoyed life yet” so of course my dad said all sorts of comments and gave his fatherly options in hopes I would listen. My family would always have something to say about how I needed to live life a bit more.

Age no longer mattered at this point because now the real question I needed to ask myself was “Does love at first sight exist?“. I was more afraid of that question than the one about age. After overthinking about everything I really just told myself I’d let fate guide me and took the chance. Love is such a scary thing, but feeling loved is one of the best. Over time I realized the age gap really worked for the both of us. 9 months later we got married and haven’t looked back since. Life will never give you challenges you can’t overcome but only ones that are hard af and worth it.

Being afraid of age when it comes to dating is so overrated now a days. Cmon it’s time to take a life chance and jump into it, honestly the worst that can happen is a heartbreak that can be cured with a trip to the donut shop and getting a bakers dozen for one. And if you do encounter that breakup, know you are worth it and move on to something better.

Let the Haters Hate

My father and family always seemed to have their options but at the end of the day it’s my life and nothing else matters. Whether they tell you to enjoy life a bit more or not settle for something yet ultimately your the one who makes your own choices, they have already made theirs in life. People will always have something to say about EVERYTHING and thats okay. If the 10 year age gap in your relationship bothers someone, listen theres nothing you could really do about it. What matters is you are happy. Ask yourself is your happiness more important than someone who doesn’t understand what you want in YOUR life. The people who understand you will always have a positive impact in your life. You enjoy you and keep the positive vibes moving forward. Life has a way of throwing negativity to the side whether it be negative Nancy’s (sorry Nancy) or negative vibes. Ever wonder why your no longer with friends who someone who didn’t want the best for you or why your no longer with that toxic ex? It’s because life went ahead and did you the favor of moving them to the side in order for you to move forward and learn. Life does its own silent wonders for you.

Just be Happy

Be happy with the choices you make regardless if people tell you otherwise. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. Be happy with the person who inspires you to be the better version of yourself, who loves you for who you are, and who makes you feel like you are the best thing that ever happened to them. Don’t even think you need to settle for anything less! Theres a saying I live by that I hope helps guide you in your life journey “La vida es muy corta para no disfrutar la felicidad y el amor” (life is to short to not enjoy happiness and love). Enjoy a bakers dozen and make it for 2 ;D!

My Name is Athena

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