Battle of the Instant Ramen

If you have never had a pack of instant ramen, ask yourself have you ever lived life to the fullest? Let's admit that these packs of instant ramen are the best to treat hunger with a naughty punch! Although people say they have tons of sodium, empty calories, and carbs we can all agree that they are still the best easy and cheap type of meal to have! I have tried a few packs of ramen and have come up with the top 2 that ultimately had the best taste and flavor.

5 Fall Outfits for a Casual Date

Lets take a minute to talk about one of the hardest things to go through... going on a date. Going on a date can be a roller coaster of emotions especially when figuring out what to wear. Figuring that out can often times make things worse. It's not a secret we all want to dress our best, but a casual date can always be a good option. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee or taking a visit to the nearest Ben and Jerry's for a strawberry ice cream on top of a sugar cone bowl (which honestly in my opinion sounds better than a 5 start restaurant ) can often time beat a fancy overrated date. Whether it be your first or tenth date it's okay to opt in for a comfy outfit that can still impress that special someone.