Shrimp Linguine Pasta with Mushrooms & Spinach Red Sauce

Lets begin with one simple question. Who doesn't love a simple but elegant pasta dish? The answer to that is EVERYONE! Pasta is the way to peoples hearts! Carbs are a divine! This simple and easy dish will bring out your inner culinary chef! Using fresh and simple ingredients to create an elegant pasta dish in under 30 min is a must have recipe you need to have! Whether its for a dinner date or a quick dinner with the family, this recipe will surly leave everyone wanting seconds!

Easy 3 Ingredient Mexican Hot Coco

Every latino family has a way of making hot chocolate. Some recipes include 50 ingredients that can take a lifetime to make and others such a this one only have a few. My parents never had a lot of time due to having busy schedules so something quick and easy to satisfy my sweet tooth as a kid was key. My dad would make his favorite and yummy tasting recipe that would only include 3 things and would take less than 10 minutes to create! So a hot coco recipe that takes minimal ingredients and takes less than 10 min to make, I'm sharing hidden gem here now just add a pan dulce or maybe 10 and you got yourself the best breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner if your about that life!

Easy Chocolate Braided Swirl Puff with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing

One of my good friends Alex allowed me to steal her amazing swirl puff recipe. What a wonderful friend right! When she made this for me I could honestly say I fell in love again (sorry husband). Seeing her make this recipe was one of the best things that could be done, the smell of all of the ingredients when they came together were so lovely. Let me tell you, when she put the puff into the oven, the house smelled like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies were in the making. Lets be honest we all LOVE that smell and if some of you are nodding your heads saying "No" this is the main reason you need to try this recipe, I promise you the beautiful chocolatey smell will make you drool.

Abuelitas Buñuelos

Buñuelos are a dessert made from frying a piece of dough which is then covered with cinnamon sugar. They're typically rolled out into thin circles or by using a metal buñuelo mold. Latino households usually make them during Christmas or New Years. Luckily for me, my dad and I would make these delicious treats year round and enjoy them with a cup of homemade Mexican chocolate (Mexican Hot Chocolate). As a kid I would make the buñuelos and would always get in trouble for putting an "excessive" amount of cinnamon sugar, which in my opinion does not exist. Eating the buñuelos fresh from the frying pan with sugar is the best thing in the world. Who are we kidding, fresh fried dough is everyones soft spot.