Dealing with Depression, Anxiety, &PTSD

Let's talk about the 3 things people have the hardest time coming to terms with depression, anxiety, and PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). Having either or all of these could really affect someone physically, mentally, and could alter their way of thinking in the most negative and horrible way. Having watched someone and personally have gone through it first hand made me realize how truly horrifying it can be to deal with. So know that you are not alone! Know there is light on the other side of the tunnel if you are willing to seek the help you need in order to overcome this battle you may be going through.

My Experience: Labor & Delivery

Let's talk mama stuff! Giving birth was the best and worst thing I have ever put myself through. Having to go through getting gestational diabetes at 8 months of being pregnant to being in labor for 4 days, yes you read that right 4 DAYS. There is so much I wish I would have known before going into the hospital that I should have physically and mentally have prepared myself for.

In a relationship, can age really just be a number?

Ever heard that phrase "age is just a number" when having a conversation about something? Let's take a second to ask ourselves this question...does age really matter? Some may say no and other may say yes. Well if you ask me, age really doesn't! Everyone deserves to be happy regardless of the age, race, color, or gender they may be. I once read an article where two people at the age of 90 and 93 found each other and fell in love, so yeah if they saw age didn't matter so can everyone else. What matters is the quality of the person. I once had to ask that same question to myself "Is age really just a number?" had I not put that thought aside and just given life a chance to guide me I would have never gotten married. So life lesson 101 just follow your heart because fate will never misguide you.